Sunstrip Instructions

Do not apply in very hot or very cold weather (between 10 and 25 degrees is ideal) and not in direct sunshine!

  • Clean the windscreen to remove all dirt, grit and grease. Make sure you don’t use a wax or polish. Most alcohol-based glass cleaners evaporate so will be best for this
  • Measure down from each side of the top of the windscreen and apply a little masking tape, to mark the same length at each side of the windscreen. This will help ensure the strip is applied as straight as possible
  • Cover the top of the windscreen in soapy water (only a little bit of soap is needed).
  • Remove the backing paper from the sunstrip and apply it to the glass leaving the excess at the sides and top. The soapy water allows you to reposition the sunstrip if you need to.
  • Squeeze out excess water and air bubbles from under the strip with a squeegee or bank card.
  • Trim off excess vinyl around the glass carefully with a sharp blade
  • When it is fitted make sure you don’t use your windscreen wipers for 24 hours.