Sticker Instructions

Use a squeegee or bank card and run it over both the front and back of the sticker to ensure any air is removed. Ensure the surface you are going to apply the sticker to is dry and clean of dirt, grime and any wax. Use soapy water or rubbing alcohol to ensure there is no grease

Peel the backing paper off the sticker, folding it completely back on itself . Do this slowly, any small lettering that gets stuck you can use the bank card to prise it away from the paper. It is important to take your time doing this to ensure all the vinyl comes off onto the clear transfer tape.

Once you have got the backing paper off, all of the vinyl should be stuck to the clear transfer tape. Line the sticker up where you want it and start to stick it down using the bank card / squeegee as you go to remove any air bubbles. When you have finished go over it with a squeegee to make sure it sticks well

Finally, start to peel the transfer tape off by folding it back on itself. Do this slowly and be mindful of any small lettering that may not stick without a helping hand from your squeegee / bank card.

The most important thing is to make sure the surface is clean and you take your time applying the vinyl. Small lettering can be delicate and fiddly!